Born in 2017 as a “cultural project” for the promotion of the Italian hospitality values all over the world, today OSPITALIA has grown and is ready to provide value-added services all over Italy, aimed at training, protecting the territory and enhancing businesses.

Today more than ever, after the COVID 19 emergency and the need to adopt new entrepreneurial visions, we believe that our artistic and cultural heritage, linked to the culture of hospitality in the world, must be strongly protected.

During the months of the worldwide lockdown, OSPITALIA worked hard to launch a new Higher Education School for young people with a new location in Biella, at BIELLA CITTÀ STUDI, alongside the prestigious head office of Roncegno (TN) in Trentino with a new higher training.

In June 2020, a few days after the “post Covid 19” reopening, OSPITALIA ACADEMY was launched on the market.

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